T-Shirt sistas. Tessa Virtue is wearing the Current/Elliott ’Super Loved’ Printed OVersized Cotton Tee and Joannie Rochette the Montrealaise atelier shirt.

Tessa Virtue was wearing The Rolled Sleeve Sweatshirt by Current/Elliott at a skating seminar in Montreal.

You can also get it here, here & here.

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thehappygirlsareatheprettiest3 asked: Hey! I absolutely LOVE your tumblr! Do you happen to know where Tessa got her white bikini? She has such impeccable taste!

Hi, thank you very much for the nice comment. I’m currently searching for it but if anyone have a clue you can make an ask. And I agree with you !:) 

Anonymous asked: YOOO (You probably have tons of messages about this but) TESSA'S NEW PROFILE PIC OMG

I know, i’m so happy ! :) 

shli1117 asked: It looks like Tessa used your P&G ad edit for her new Twitter profile pic! Nice!

I just saw ! This is awesome. :) 

Just found the dress that Tessa was wearing here. It’s the Yigal Azrouel Open Waffle Knit Dress.

It’s on sale on shopbop and there’s only one left.

Tessa Virtue was wearing the Current/Elliott ’Super Loved’ Printed OVersized Cotton Tee at a skating seminar in Montreal. 

Credit for the picture goes to thank-you-tessa-and-scott, I hope you had a nice time!

Tessa is always wearing the cutest golf outfits. She was wearing what I think is the Vimmia Ruffle Skirt with CONVERSE Laced Dance Oxford shoes.

As for the top i’m searching what it might be. 

Tessa Virtue was seen wearing this L’Agence EXCLUSIVE Zipper Detail Linen Dress during their charity golf classic. 

- Thanks to the anon for the spot. 

Tessa Virtue posted a tweet about these amazing new shoes. 

They are the Modern Vintage: Daniele !